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Pendulum Arts Music Publishing is an established Music Production and publishing company by David Steele and various co-writers. Pendulum is constantly expanding their repertoire, and is always working with some of the biggest brands, TV shows, and film production companies in the world. We create relevant music for all media and work with world class musicians, composers, and vocalists from all over the world. Learn more by checking out the rest of their site.

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We have a catalog of 1200 original music compositions published worldwide. The company's founder and publisher, David Steele, has composed music and designed sound for fortune 500 companies. TV spot credits include: Heineken, Kimberly Clark, Target, McDonald's, Nintendo, Disney, Verizon, Alberto Culver, Proctor and Gamble, Kellogg's, General Mills, General Motors, Hyundai, Anheuser Bush, Kraft, Honda, Wal Mart, and many more. My music has aired in every continent in the world. Some notable TV show credits include: NFL, Major League Baseball, The Jay Leno Show (NBC), So You Think You Can Dance (ABC), Saturday Night Live (NBC), The Carson Daily Show (NBC), The Voice (NBC) and many others. My tracks have placed into over 5000 TV episodes and this list grows daily. Pendulum and their roster of writers compose and release around 150 new titles a year for licensing opportunities. Since 1997, They have been contracted to write, arrange, and produce hundreds of jingles, advertising projects, TV show cues, film cues, and over 500 children's songs for educational publishers.

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Selecting music for your project is one of the most important tasks a media producer must do. The right track can captivate your audience within seconds and engage them in your story from start to finish. It is my goal to aide in that process. Below are tracks available for License into all internet media and can be paid for by pay pal to my e-mail address on this site. At this time I am not selling music for personal listening. The music is only available for professional video makers needing a track for film and video projects for internet only. I am granting a "web only" license (not for broadcast) for use in youtube videos and other web videos for $75 per video/ per project. You will have the rights to use the soundtrack for one project at a time only and perpetually. You will have to e-mail me at to have a written and legal license issued defining end usage of the soundtrack on your video. If you need original scoring services or a broadcast license for any tracks on this site, please email me or call 312-909-1166  to request a quote for broadcast usage or original scoring services.

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